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JFB has been developing real estate projects in Florida for over 40 years. We are known for identifying strategically located sites, defining an optimal program and best use for a property, directly overseeing projects from pre-development to post-construction, and delivering projects within budget and on time.

Our in-house design, engineering, construction, financing and leasing & sales experts combine their efforts on every project to deliver a fully integrated solution that saves costs and expedites processes. 

Having in-house General Contracting, allows JFB to take a hands-on approach to all aspects of development and construction, including but not limited to:

  • Selecting, negotiating and purchasing strategically located property and having it properly zoned and entitled

  • Developing a feasible business plan that's supported by empirical data, market trends and capital markets

  • Defining and structuring our capital stack early-on to ensure that the project financing is available, and on competitive terms

  • Creating an all-star team of architects, engineers and consultants, and defining the optimal development and scheduling program while creating a clear scope of work for all stakeholders

  • Hands-on execution of entitlements, obtaining all required city and county permits

  • As general contractor, directly managing all construction divisions and negotiating every line item with subcontractors who we trust and can hold accountable 

  • On-boarding marketing, leasing or sales teams required to effectively lease-up or sell-out, and stabilize our projects within our proforma timelines.


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