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Joseph Basile III | Chief Executive Officer 

Joseph Frank Basile III is a 3rd Generation Developer and General Contractor. Joseph provides the company with the backbone of the strategic functions and operations with a unique business approach.  

Joseph has extensive experience in Land Acquisition and Development with multiple properties owned and in the Development phase, such as: Retail Centers, Multifamily Properties and Office Buildings. Joseph is involved with other business ventures such as Laundry Mats, Franchise ventures, and Private Lending. Joseph has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and communications, State Certified General Contractor in Over 31 States including, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


Joseph has excelled in in  life through determination, Loyalty, and honesty.  Joe believes honesty and loyalty are to thank for his success and extended relationships in business, living by this phrase, of which his Father taught him, “Make your handshake worth more than your signature”.  After college and the life of a semi-professional athlete, Joseph decided to Join the family-run Development company and bring it to the next level.  Today this has led to the Nationally Known JFB Construction & Development, that most Franchises and Corporations name as a preferred vendor and contractor.  


Joseph Basile JR (1956 - Dec 4,  2020)

Joseph Basile Jr is recognized as the Inspiration of JFB Construction and will be remembered for his smiles and never give up attitude. Joe dedicated his life to his Wife and his 2 children.  Nothing was more important than family and Friends. Joe leaves a legacy of values, morals, honesty and determination.  


After a  long Year, Joe refused to allow the Disease of Leukemia to determine his future deciding to eliminate further treatment. Joe left this world while being surrounded by his Family and Friends, just the way he wanted it. He will be Missed dearly and will always be in our hearts.  R.I.P. Dad


Ruben Calderon | Chief Financial Officer - CPA

Ruben Calderon, born in New York. Graduated from Baruch College in NYC. Shortly after graduating from Baruch, went to work for a corporate accounting firm.


Always passionate to grow and do better for himself, decided to open his own accounting firm in 2008. Throughout the years Ruben built his practice to over 5000 personal and business clients. In 2020 decided that he would sell his business and move to Florida. 


Jamie Fawley | Construction Manager of Residential Division 

Jamie Fawley is Family of JFB Construction & Development, working together since 2001.  Jamie has been managing High-End residential construction for over 30 years.  Jamie has excellent ability to manage multiple projects and deliver on time.


Jamie handles all residential construction proposals, scheduling, management and oversees all the Residential Division.  Jamie has a "no problems, only solutions" attitude which is where the ability to deliver projects comes from.  JFB appreciates his part in the company and what he offers and looks forward to a long future. ​

jamie f..jpg

Stephanie Reynoso | Human Resources

Accomplished professional with a robust background in operations management and human resources leadership. Demonstrates strategic acumen in optimizing organizational efficiency, fostering productivity, and driving profitability. Skilled in crafting and implementing business strategies to address operational challenges and mitigate risks effectively. Known for cultivating strong relationships with internal teams, external stakeholders, and high-profile clients.

As a seasoned leader in both operations and HR, excels in fostering a positive work culture, prioritizing employee development, and aligning HR strategies with business objectives. A dynamic manager with a proven track record of motivating teams and driving continuous improvement initiatives.


Lynn Elneus | Commercial Project Coordinator 

Lynn is a proactive Project Coordinator recognized for her orchestration of construction projects. With a sharp eye for detail and a proactive approach, she adeptly guides teams through the planning, execution, and completion phases. Lynn's effective communication ensures smooth collaboration among stakeholders, subcontractors, and project teams, fostering strong client relationships along the way.

Her unwavering commitment to maintaining project timelines and budgets, coupled with a dedication to quality and client satisfaction, establishes Lynn as an indispensable asset in delivering successful construction projects. Consistently surpassing expectations, Lynn's track record underscores her ability to navigate complexities and drive projects to triumphant conclusions.


Anye Goldwire | Commercial Project Coordinator 

Anye is a dynamic Project Coordinator with a passion for orchestrating seamless construction projects. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach, Anye efficiently supports project teams in the planning, execution, and completion phases.

Drawing from her strong organizational skills and effective communication abilities, Anye ensures smooth collaboration among stakeholders, subcontractors, and project teams. Her dedication to maintaining project timelines and budgets, coupled with her commitment to quality and client satisfaction, makes her an invaluable asset in delivering successful construction projects.

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