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Joseph Basile III | Chief Executive Officer 

Joseph Frank Basile III is a 3rd Generation Developer and General Contractor. Joseph provides the company with the backbone of the strategic functions and operations with a unique business approach.  

Joseph has extensive experience in Land Acquisition and Development with multiple properties owned and in the Development phase, such as: Retail Centers, Multifamily Properties and Office Buildings. Joseph is involved with other business ventures such as Laundry Mats, Franchise ventures, and Private Lending. Joseph has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and communications, State Certified General Contractor in Over 31 States including, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Joseph has excelled in in  life through determination, Loyalty, and honesty.  Joe believes honesty and loyalty are to thank for his success and extended relationships in business, living by this phrase, of which his Father taught him, “Make your handshake worth more than your signature”.  After college and the life of a semi-professional athlete, Joseph decided to Join the family-run Development company and bring it to the next level.  Today this has led to the Nationally Known JFB Construction & Development, that most Franchises and Corporations name as a preferred vendor and contractor.  


Joseph Basile JR (1956 - Dec 4,  2020)

Joseph Basile Jr is recognized as the Inspiration of JFB Construction and will be remembered for his smiles and never give up attitude.  Joe dedicated his life to his Wife and his 2 children.  Nothing was more important than family and Friends.   Joe leaves a legacy of Values, Morals, Honesty and determination.   After a  long Year, Joe refused to allow the Disease of Leukemia to determine his future deciding to eliminate further treatment.  Joe left this world while being surrounded by his Family and Friends, just the way he wanted it.  He will be Missed dearly and will always be in our hearts.  R.I.P. Dad


Steve Bastien | Director of Construction

Steve Bastien is the Director of Construction across the country.  Steve has been with JFB for many years and brings many assets to the company including his Financial Background, Construction Management skills, and most importantly his get it done attitude. Steve has been in the construction field for many years and manages al the Commercial Construction. 


Jamie Fawley | Director of Residential Construction 

Jamie Fawley is Family of JFB Construction & Development, working together since 2001.  Jamie has been managing High-End residential construction for over 30 years.  Jamie has excellent ability to manage multiple projects and deliver on time. Jamie handles the proposals, scheduling, management and oversees all the Residential Division.  Jamie has a "no problems, only solutions" attitude which is where the ability to deliver projects comes from.  JFB appreciates his part in the company and what he offers and looks forward to a long future. ​


Pat McGill  | Project Manager 

Pat McGill is a veteran of JFB Construction & Development, working together since 2009.  Pat has extensive construction background in all aspects of the construction field.  Pat has proven the ability to manage upward of a dozen projects in multiple states, at one given time, and manage crews as well as the schedules to ensure timely delivery. Pat is currently overseeing $17m in construction. 


Daun Kilpatrick | Senior Project Coordinator

Daun has brought her experience to JFB as a Certified Building Contractor with the state of Florida and has been working in the construction field 22 years. She and her husband ran their own construction company together and did a wide range of work, including commercial, residential, and government contracting.  Daun heads all estimating as well as project coordinates all Florida projects. JFB looks forward to the future with Daun and her knowledge.


Ruben Calderon | Chief Financial Officer - CPA

Ruben Calderon, born in New York. Graduated from Baruch College in NYC. Shortly after graduating from Baruch, went to work for a corporate accounting firm. Always passionate to grow and do better for himself, decided to open his own accounting firm in 2008. Throughout the years Ruben build his practice to over 5000 personal and business clients. In 2020 decided that he would sell his business and move to Florida. 


Lisa Basile | Controller | Accounting

Lisa, a Co- Founder of JFB Construction, manages all accounting Receivables and Payables while helping to manage all the licensing, payment applications, AIA documents, and anything else that comes across her desk.  Lisa has many years in the construction and Development industry which shows as she helps manage the day-to-day operations as needed to ensure schedules and budgets.


Arta Impliazzo | Logistics Manager

Arta Impliazzo is a veteran of JFB Construction and has been a critical part of the day to day operations for over 10 Years.  Arta has a background in bookkeeping and office management.  Arta completes the circuit between project managers and their suppliers, owners and permitting, and all HVAC mechanical related items.  Arta coordinates all logistical items and permitting for all sites and ensures all sites are set up and ready for commencement.  She is an asset to JFB and its day to day function and operation on every project.


Amanda Vasquez | Commercial Project Coordinator

Amanda Vasquez is a commercial Project Coordinator and has joined JFB in the pursuit to excel with a growing company..  Amanda  has extensive experience with many fields and is currently managing operations and administration related items for all out of state projects, and uses the knowledge to operate the coordination of multiple projects in over 30 states. Amanda manages the deliveries, proposals of projects prior to contract, and sees the project through completion.  We are looking forward to working with Amanda and expect great things. 


Lynn Elneus | Commercial Project Coordinator 

Lynn Elneus is a Project Coordinator for the Commercial Division.  Lynn excels in the efforts to get jobs done and with persistence is able to manage projects diligently.  Lynn has the ambitions to be a Project Manager and will be extending her tools within JFB.  JFB is excited to have her and will look forward  to the Growth and capabilities she possesses. 


Bobby Clark | Project Manager

Bobby is a Commercial Construction Project Manager.  JFB relies on Bobby for his calm approach toward projects . Bobby has a “get it done” attitude with quality control and great personal communications skills.  Bobby has many years in commercial construction. Bobby is and will be an asset that JFB looks forward to seeing his full potential in the upcoming years.


Javier Landino | Lead Carpenter / Superintendent

Javier Landino has been a part of the JFB Team for over 10 years.  Javier is the glue with regards to JFB in field staff.  Javier was brought on to JFB Construction for his ability to complete all tasks that are needed to get a job done, regardless of what the task might be. Javier has knowledge of all trades and has had previous jobs as a tradesman for electrical, carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, and has a keen eye for perfection. He has become an asset to JFB and its customers.  Javier is very versatile and speaks multiple languages helping with minority-owned subcontractors and language barriers with Owners. Javier is also a great Superintendent for JFB Construction and JFB will continue its growth through its vision with Javier as a leader and example for all Team Members.


Jamie Zambrana | Director of Finance

Jamie Zambrana is co-founder and managing partner of RARE CRE.

Jamie focuses on working with owners both private and institutional investors, as well as large servicers and financial institutions. Jamie has managed the acquisition and disposition of over 6,700 assets and over $1.5B in closed transactions, with an emphasis on capital markets, REO and note sales. A true owner champion, providing value through strategic thinking and implementation.

He started his career as an investment banker offering services to emerging publicly-traded companies seeking equity capital and financial consulting services, then, a Nasdaq Market Maker, and later a Portfolio Manager, with Merrill Lynch, Wachovia Securities, and Oppenheimer & Co. 


Nelson Garcia | Director of Acquisitions

Nelson Garcia is co-founder and managing partner of RARE CRE.

Nelson has over a decade of experience in commercial real estate, capital markets, private equity and telecom and is a licensed real estate broker.

 Before venturing out on his own, Nelson worked in real estate private equity and investment banking, during which he was instrumental in the acquisition, development and/or financing of over 2 million sq. ft. of commercial, multifamily and hospitality projects. 

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